Jardesign A330-200

I am a Flightsimulator X user for years and I started virtual flying with the flightsimulator 5.0 and recently I jumped from FSX to lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D. Not long ago I wanted to give X-Plane a try too, after seeing shots of the jardesign A320 neo, so forgive me if I might sound a bit noobish. As I am quit new to X-plane but I do like this simulator a lot too.

The Airbus A330

The A330 is a long range widebody twinjet airliner which was in development parallel with the A340. Although the A330 has much in common with the A340 sharing near identical systems, airframe, flightdeck and wings, the only major difference being the twin (versus four) engine configuration and the maximum range. Later on Airbus designed the -200 variant which has a shorter fuselage than the -300. By shortening the fuselage the maximum range of the aircraft extended to 6400 nm. The Airbus A330-200 was  more popular than the A340-200, only very few airliners operate with that

The A330 was designed as a replacement for the A300-600R and built to compete against Boeing’s 767 family and Mcdonnel douglas M11 and DC 10. The A330 came with different variants like a cargo model and a tanker or military freight model the MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport).

Introduction Jardesign

Anyway Jardesign already well known for it’s earlier development of the Airbus A320neo, which was rated very high. I don’t want to compare FSX with X-plane to much but I bought the Jardesign A320 as my first add on for X-plane 10 and Jardesign is for X-plane as PMDG is for FSX in terms of quality. With that I mean it’s a study aircraft like the Jardesign A320neo it’s highly realistic in ever way possible and tested by real world pilots and designed with real world airbus technicians. So I was more than happy to try out Jardesign’s latest release the Airbus A330-200.


The aircraft can be bought from the official Jardesign website or from the store on .x-plane.org. The download is about 977 MB and comes in a zip archive. Make sure you got X-Plane 10.36 installed as X-Plane beta’s could be unstable. After unzipping the archive to their correct folders in your X-Plane 10 folder it’s time to start up X-Plane 10. After choosing the aircraft you’re welcomed by the activation screen and you have to enter your serial . After successful activation reload the aircraft and you’re aircraft is fully activated time, to check this beauty out.


Unfortunately the Jardesdign A330-200 doesn’t come with a single manual , which is very disappointing. Maybe I’m spoiled by developers for FSX but I think for an aircraft with such in depth details a manual should be mandatory. On the Jardesign forums, you can find a post from J.A. Romanov about the A330 FCOM, but that’s the real-life one. For beginning airbus pilots this could be very confusing.


Superb 3D Model

  • Detailed Virtual cockpit

  • Detailed Exterior

  • Ground equipment included: Tow tractor, fuel track, stairways, catering truck are included in pack and managed from menu.

Systems Simulated:

  • Air Conditioning, Pressurization

  • APU , Auto Flight , Communications , Doors , Electrical , Equipment , Flight Controls ,Oxygen

  • Fuel , Hydraulic , Ice and Rain Protection , Indicating Recording Systems , Landing Gear , Lights

  • Navigation , Pneumatic , Power Plant.

  • Ground Handling plugin for A330 (only) included. (The”Deluxe” version of this plugin -payware, and not included in the A330 pack- works with any X-Plane airliner)

  • FCU manipulators to use Mouse Left/Rght/Wheel for Push/Pull/Rotate operation

Tested by real Airbus pilots

  • Real Airbus pilots and technicians helped in the development and testing.

New 3D-sound engine

  • An easy way to customize soundest and build your own sound effects.

Navigation Data

  • The A330 comes with the NavDataPro dataset by Aerosoft.


Wow that was the one word that comes to mind when I first laid eyes on this gorgeous bird. The exterior modeling is from the highest level I’ve ever seen. This is the best modeled A330-200 I’ve seen in any simulator by far.

Taking a closer look and you’ll see the nice detail on the landing gear it’s extremely well modeled and even has additional dirt effect on the side of the wheels.

X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-08-13-14 X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-08-09-47 X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-07-54-06 X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-07-40-88

X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-07-23-53 X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-07-06-05

The same high level of detail on the wings, every decal is there and when extending and retracting the flaps you’ll see the animations are very smooth and just like in the real aircraft.

X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-08-59-04 X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-21-32-86 X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-21-19-21 

The engines look mighty fine as well, nice sharp textures to represent the fanblades they feel so real and also sound real, but more about that later. When putting the throttle in reverse you can see the nice animations on the engine.

X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-22-46-65 X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-22-32-32 X-Plane 2015-09-24 22-01-48-56 X-Plane 2015-09-24 22-01-04-05

The external lighting looks very good from the taxi light on the nosegear to the wings and navigation lights, day or night makes no difference the lighting always look realistic on this bird.

X-Plane 2015-09-03 22-36-05-16


The quality outside represents himself inside as well, the flightdeck of the A330 is as pretty in the sim as in real live. I absolutely love the dust effect on the displays the VC is just absolutely gorgeous and life like. I love the way the knobs on the MCP support the mouse scroll wheel which makes it a lot easier for us , this something many developers don’t integrate in their systems.The VC has some nice extra features like pull down adjustable shades and sliding side shades. Every knob, button, dial is fully operational and that’s something you don’t find in every payware add on.The cockpit windows have reflective effect on them , which makes it very realistic. The lightning in the Flightdeck lightning is like in the real life airbus very pretty. The Jardesign A330 even features a virtual cabin.

X-Plane 2015-09-03 15-35-21-13

X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-18-45-59 X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-18-59-05 X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-23-17-75 X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-23-27-66

X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-20-04-83 X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-20-30-92

Ground Equipment

The Jardesing comes with it’s own Ground equipment; which can be selected from the plug ins tab. You can call all your Ground Equipment by selecting the first menu (Ground Equipment Call) or remove them all the same way (Ground Equipment Remove). When activated all the ground equipment will appear and then move into their respective positions around the aircraft, then the doors or hatches will open to accommodate them. Not only is the animation first rate, but the actual vehicle design and quality is excellent as well. It take a short while for the equipment to place themselves and animate the dropping of the stands and lift their catering boxes or the stairs into the correct positions, and each set of equipment can be selected to work separately in the Fuel/Weight or Catering and the Stairway from the menu. If the fuel truck is selected the pop-up fuel panel is displayed on the screen.

X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-16-17-13


The Jardesign has been tested by real Airbus pilots,MCDU, MCP, Electric , hydraulics, packs everything is modeled and works like in the real deal. Now at first I thought the problem is on my side but after reading some other customer comments, it’s seems that the autopilot can do some weird things sometimes.

Unfortunately the mouse wheel is only supported for the knobs on the MCP, I don’t understand why we still have to click and drag on all other knobs and dials this is something quite frustrating sometimes as it is not at all that precise.

Although the 2 small screens next to the ECAM have no real use, they can be used to bring up the METAR for your departure and arrival airport. This was already implemented in the Jardesign A320neo and I’m happy to see they brought this feature back. I believe in the real airbus this is used to maintain contact with Gander & shanwick when crossing the pond so they can contact them on a text based message system so they don’t have to use ATC.

The integrated load manager lets you select cargo, fuel and passengers in a variety of configurations/storage areas, with a very convenient chart that also displays your weights and weight limits, telling you when you go over those weight limits.

A nice feature is how Jardesign implemented a pushback tug it lets you steer the pushback truck and select the speed at which you’re pushed back, controlled by rudder and throttle This very useful and works flawless.

I love how realistically the ECAM reacts when pushing the different display options, it actually displays “Please wait” when switching between the different options. This is just like how the real airbus works and I never seen this in any other Airbus add on so far.

X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-12-08-35

X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-42-59-94
love how Realistic the ECAM is 

X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-44-01-55
The smaller display can be used to display the METAR info

Flight Dynamics

Overall I have a good feeling about the flight dynamics on this bird. The aircraft seems to behave pretty realistic when maneuvering on the ground. Luckily X-plane doesn’t suffer from the sticky ground syndrome which is something FSX & P3D have. So only a small amount of thrust is need to get this beauty going.

Another thing that many add on aircrafts suffer from tis when you release the parking breaks the aircraft starts rolling even when engines on idle, this is luckily not the case on the Jardesign A330.

The wings have a nice sweep on them when standing on the gate and you actually see them drop a bit when you fill this bird with fuel. When taxiing the wings have a slight bounce which looks very nice & realistic for the virtual pilots that like to make Youtube videos. A330’s are known to have nice flexing wings at takeoff run , Jardesin replicated this nicely in their Airbus A330.

I’ve flown this baby manual as much as I could , and from my experience she turns smooth she doesn’t lose too much speed although I’m not a real A330 pilot still feel very lifelike.


The Sounds are amazing , from the engine sound outside to the engine sound in the cabin and flight deck it always sound very realistic. But of course not only the engines produce sound, Switches make a realistic sound like you would expect from a switch. Even the buttons on the MCDU make a realistic sounds which is something I haven’t heard much in any other add ons. Others sounds like the APU, slats , flaps and reverse all sound very good in my opinion, Jardesign did a very good job on this.


There are many repaints for this bird, you can find them on the Jardesign forum and on the forum of X-plane.org



I had no magnificant drop in performance when using the Jardesign A330 as long as you keep your clouds & scenery  settings low enough you’ll have no real problems.

My specs:

Intel I7 6700K overclocked to 5 Ghz
Asus Z170 Pro Gamer
16 GB DDR4 memory

2x GTX 980 in SLI
windows 10 pro x64


Although the score doesn’t seem very high , that’s just because it’s lost many points cause of the lack of a manual. In all honesty this is one awesome great product that simply cant be missed in your X-Plane payware collection. The aircraft can compete to the big boys of Flight Factor’s 777 and 757.


Thanks for Computerpilot Magazine for supplying me with the reviewcopy
visit them here : http://web.computerpilot.com/

X-Plane 2015-09-03 15-22-13-00 X-Plane 2015-09-03 15-22-20-92 X-Plane 2015-09-03 15-33-24-53 X-Plane 2015-09-03 15-37-02-10 X-Plane 2015-09-03 15-39-06-57 X-Plane 2015-09-03 16-15-23-92 X-Plane 2015-09-03 16-22-19-45 X-Plane 2015-09-04 00-11-33-44 X-Plane 2015-09-05 00-19-43-56 X-Plane 2015-09-07 15-59-37-27 X-Plane 2015-10-03 13-08-35-28 X-Plane 2015-10-03 14-29-35-60

Jardesign A330

Jardesign A330





      Flight Model












                  Value for Money



                    • realistic
                    • great model


                    • no manuals

                    3 thoughts on “Jardesign A330-200

                    • October 24, 2015 at 11:53 am

                      Hello, My name is kristian lavarone,

                      I have bought this aircraft a while back and it has worked perfectly fine until now. I have recently had a problem with my x-plane 10 and had to re-install it. When it finish, i opened up the A330-200 and it asked me for my activation code and it activated the aircraft. I reloaded the aircraft how ever there are a lot of small different coloured blocks covering the glass in the flight deck making it imposable to see out. would someone please tell me how to get rid of this?

                      • October 24, 2015 at 5:18 pm

                        you may want to contact jardesign as this could be a problem with activation

                    • January 3, 2016 at 9:05 am


                      I have 2 problems with this aircraft, The first problem is not as important as the second one but when I reach my cruising altitude the lower display does not display the cruise page on it like the a320 does, how would i get it so that when i reach cruise altitude it changes?

                      The second problem I have which is very annoying is when I am doing a long flight in the A330-200 say from Sydney to Hong Kong the speed glitches out and sets its self so that it is flying the lowest possible speed and it normally disconnects the auto pilot and stalls the plane. I do know that in real life the a330-200 does not do this and that it can fly much longer legs up to 13 hours with out any problems. and when I fly a 8 hour leg it crashes.
                      So does any one know how to fix this problem because its making impossible to fly long haul flights in the aircraft.

                      Kristian Lavarone


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