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For this review we travel to Estonia, to the airport of Tallinn. The first time I saw the name of this addon I needed to look it up in Google maps (always learning!). The Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport in Tallinn, Estonia is the home base of the national airline Estonian Air and serves over 2.000.000 passengers with flights to several destinations in eastern and western Europe.

The airport is placed 4 km of the Tallinn city center near the shore of  Lake Ülemiste. Tallinn airport was built in 1932 and the airport is currently (2015) still under construction for expansion and renovation.

With EETN Tallinn X, Drzewiecki Design recreated this airport and the surrounding city in our simulator. In this review we will take a look at what this scenery has to offer.


Installing the scenery

The install file has a size of 443 Mb and it is recommended to download the 156 Mb Season switcher as well. After installation the scenery takes about 703 Mb of your hard drive. The installer will add two PDF files containing the manual and some charts.

The installation works without a problem. Don’t forget to run the Season switcher to select the desired season before starting your simulator.


The manual is supplied in a PDF file containing some background information about the airport and the city, an installation procedure and it will tell you how to use some special features in the scenery (I will get to that later on in this review).

The second PDF contains some charts for IFR and VFR flights around the airport. I think it’s a must to include charts when selling an airport scenery. Adding the SID’s would be even better.


The city

First let’s take a look at the surrounding city before we enter the airport. The city is made of photo real textures with some custom (landmark) buildings and ships. You can choose between three seasons to install (Summer, Fall and Winter).

You need some altitude to really appreciate textures. At a height of 3000 ft. the textures are ok to look at, but the colors of the textures I find a bit strange. In the summer some parts of the city are completely white. In the fall the building roofs are purple. The only season I liked the texture colors was winter. The summer and fall textures in the city look like there’s something wrong with the color, brightness and contrast.

The bright green summer color doesn’t blend in at the edges of the city where the ORBX textures are placed in my simulator.

With a photo real scenery you need to find a middle between looks and performance. Because of that I don’t have a problem with the fact that you need some altitude to have the best experience, but the color of the texture should feel real. In this scenery it doesn’t feel real.

The airport

When walking around at Tallinn airport you quickly forget about the city. Buildings are well modelled. A lot of objects are placed all over the airport from fire extinguishers to static aircraft and people. Some cars are driving around and the parking lots around the airport are filled with cars. On the cargo site of the airport you will find TNT and DHL. Those companies are fully modelled including trucks and vans.

The terminal buildings look great in day- and night time and some special attention is needed for old (1954) airport building which is very well modelled.

The textures all over the airport are good, but could be more detailed.

I mentioned before that there are some special features on this airport. When you press Shift-D you will see a menu where you can choose to open or close hangar doors and move the jet ways. Opening and closing the hangar doors is something you should give some attention. The animations in this opening and closing sequence is very well modelled. It looks really cool when you arrive at the airport, drive to the hanger and open the doors. Don’t forget to close the door behind you!

What to fly?

Tallinn airport is capable of serving a Boeing 747 so you can fly whatever you like.  Passengers, cargo, GA, a short trip around the shores of the lake or a trip to Spain, everything is possible.


During the review I didn’t notice any problems with the surrounding scenery using REX 4 and ORBX FTX Global for textures and ORBX FTX Vector for the roads and lakes.

The AI traffic from Ultimate Traffic 2 was available at the airport without a problem.


This scenery has an impact on the framerate, but I could fly around the city without stutters or other problems. Most of the times a photo real scenery is heavy on the frames. I think the designer tried to have good balance between looks and performance.


The Tallinn airport is a nice add-on to your simulator with a lot of things to see and do. The buildings are very well modelled and the textures are good enough to appreciate the airport. The possibility to open the hangar doors and to move the jet ways is a very nice extra and really adds to the simulation experience. Although not all charts are provided the manual gives you the information you need to land at the airport.

The city textures could be a lot better. The resolution is ok for a photo real scenery, but the colors are strange in my eyes. The developers could really improve this scenery by providing a better city texture.

This airport and city you can get for EUR 20,33. Compared to some other products this price could be a little lower.


Test System:

Processor (CPU): Intel Core i7 CPU 3770k @ 3.4 GHz

Memory (RAM): 6 GB

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti

System type: 64-bit operating system

Operating system: Windows 7 Professional

Primary monitor resolution: 1920×1080

Predar3d v2.5

Drzewiecki Design, EETN Tallinn X

EUR 20,33
Drzewiecki Design, EETN Tallinn X





      Aerial view












                  Value for money



                    • Lots of details at the airport
                    • Moving hangar doors


                    • City texture colors

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