OFX Rouen Vallée de Seine LFOP

OFX Rouen Vallée de Seine LFOP

(review by Nelson Neves)

I present to you today LFOP – Rouen Vallee de Seine.

pic 2

As a minor international French airport, this is the busiest airport for aircraft operations in Upper Normandy. Mainly used for aerial survey, pilot training, air ambulance and business flights. The peek movements are achieved in the summer where charter flights connects this region with Spain and Corsica.

The airport features a two runway layout with a paved 1700 meter main runway oriented 04/22, and a 900 meter grass runway oriented 05/23, just beside the deactivated concrete 05/23.


OFX products are available for download from its site http://www.ofxsimulation.com/.

Rouen is available at a price of € 13.00.

The installation works flawlessly. You can choose the installation language from the only two available, English or French. But you have to add the scenery manually to your scenery library, if it doesn’t do so automatically for you. After installation you will have added 103Mb to your flight simulator.

pic 3


The scenery comes with no manual only the Charts and procedures in English and French in a PDF file.

Aeronautical Information Publication
Aeronautical Information Publication

In the sim

Although LFOP Rouen was originally developed for FSX plus Acceleration Pack, it works with some hick-ups in Prepar3D v3.0. As the scenery has to be added manually to the scenery library anyway, no workarounds are needed to get it running in P3D.
When selecting LFOP in the airport selection menu, you can choose from 21 parking positions, 18 small and 2 medium and 1 gate medium.

pic 4

Since it is a regional airport, let’s see what we get.
The main building is located in the northern part of the field, followed by the emergency services building and the GA hangars. The control tower lies in the southern part of the airport.
It has a small logistics department and the local Aero-Club.
I must admit that at this stage I’m not impressed by the scenery. But it can actually be a nice place to fly if you have already installed the PhotoScenery of FranceVFR – Haute – Normandie http://francevfr.com/product_vfrhnox.htm

Without FranceVFR HN
Without FranceVFR HN
With FranceVFR HN
With FranceVFR HN

The night lighting of the buildings are nonexistent, but the runway lights are fair.

pic 7 pic 8

General textures, both ground “photoreal” and building textures should be more detailed. Since it’s FSX nature, it is more beautiful to the eye in FSX than P3D.
As you look around the Airport you will find a helo in the main apron, 3d cars in the car park, some trucks on the cargo logistics area, some fences near the GA hangars.

Compatibility and Performance

Let’s start with the performance. With all settings maxed out, my framerates never dropped below 30 fps, both in FSX and in P3D V3. VAS was not an issue at any time.
LFOP blends well with FTX Global Base and Europe_LC in both sim’s, but it blends perfectly 5 stars with FranceVFR Haute-Normandie PhotoScenery.


The Rouen airport is a nice add-on to your simulator with some things to see. The buildings are modelled from 3d pictures and the textures aren’t good enough to appreciate the airport.
The resolution could be better for a half photo real scenery, but the colors are flickering in P3D. The developers could really improve this scenery by providing a better ground and buildings Photo Scenery.

For quite some time I follow this small scenery designer group called OFX Simulation, based at Luxembourg. They have already made available for FSX / P3D some mesh and enhancement sceneries and the scenery of Calvi Saint-Catherine “LFKC” in the north of Corsica which I will present to you in the next review.


Test System:

Processor (CPU): Intel Core i7 CPU 4770k oc 4.5 GHz
Memory (RAM): 32 GB
Graphics: Gainward GTX 780
System type:64-bit operating system
Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate
Primary monitor resolution: 1920×1080
Predar3d v3 and FSX

pic 8 pic 7  pic 4 pic 2 pic 1 2015-10-11_19-39-22-415 2015-10-11_19-38-59-567 2015-10-11_19-35-46-110 2015-10-11_13-16-56-352 2015-10-11_13-16-46-449 2015-10-11_13-16-34-806 2015-10-11_13-11-31-697 2015-10-11_13-10-53-580 2015-10-11_13-8-2-994 2015-10-11_13-7-54-324 2015-10-11_13-7-40-476 2015-10-11_13-7-25-908 2015-10-11_13-6-32-92 2015-10-11_13-5-30-641 2015-10-11_13-3-43-269 2015-10-11_13-3-0-83 2015-10-11_12-32-3-290 2015-10-11_12-30-50-169 2015-10-11_12-26-21-302 2015-10-11_11-53-18-683 2015-10-11_10-30-28-596 2015-10-11_10-27-45-140 2015-10-11_10-2-18-70 2015-10-11_9-52-44-849 2015-10-11_9-51-6-12
2015-10-12_10-24-2-67 2015-10-12_10-24-56-903 2015-10-12_10-25-6-59 2015-10-12_10-25-46-523 2015-10-12_10-27-45-214 2015-10-12_10-29-7-881 2015-10-12_10-29-18-717 2015-10-12_10-34-4-460 2015-10-12_10-34-8-475 2015-10-12_10-38-22-459 2015-10-12_10-38-30-518 2015-10-12_10-43-45-291 2015-10-12_10-46-37-887

OFX Rouen Vallée de Seine LFOP

OFX Rouen Vallée de Seine LFOP





      Aerial view












                  Value for money



                    • 5 star detail if blended with FranceVFR PhotoScenery
                    • Much better than default in FSX and P3D


                    • Textures
                    • Flickering in P3D
                    • a little expensive for the quality presented

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