ORBX Cloverdale Municipal Airport

No other company releases airports as fast as Orbx. Most of our airport reviews are Orbx airports and we are proud of it to be on their reviewlist. They continue this fast pace, by releasing Cloverdale Municipal airport. Designed by Turbulent Designs this is their 5th project for Orbx. They also did Friday Harbor and a few more, Friday Harbor was very well received by us so expectations are quite high.

The airport

Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-35-06-91

Located at the Northern end of the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County, three miles (4.8 km) southeast of Cloverdale, Cloverdale Municipal airport serves as a general aviation hub for the area. While other airports in the area are fogged in, Cloverdale Municipal airport is usually the first to clear in the morning. The airport is used for activities such as skydiving, ultralight and experimental aircraft development. It is also serves as a branch of the Zenith Aircraft Company.

The Cloverdale Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the City of Cloverdale. The airport has the FAA code O60, that’s Oscar six zero to eliminate any confusion, is equiped with 1 runway with direction 32/14 measures 3147 x 60 feet / 959 x 18 meters is lit with an asphalt surface. The airport has no control tower.


  • HD airport ground detail
  • HD texture details for both ground poly and buildings
  • HD scattered (optional) grass and other vegetation
  • Additional Turbulent Designs library objects with baked ambient occlusion
  • Large high-quality 15cm and 60cm coverage area
  • Incorporates Orbx ObjectFlow technology
  • Custom modelled POIs and animated objects
  • Fully seasoned to match FTX Northern California
  • Hand placed autogen, vegetation and buildings
  • Developed by Turbulent Designs


As usual Orbx products can only be bought from The Flightsimstore for only 25 USD or € 22 . Don’t forget this add on requires the FTX: NA Gold USA Northern California region without this region installed you’ll miss out on quite a lot of features and the scenery wont come to it’s full potential.
What will you miss out on if you don’t have Orbx FTX Northern California installed?

  • Blending of the airport photoreal into the surrounding terrain
  • Moving traffic on roads, properly aligned to the photoreal ground terrain
  • Enhanced FTX Global 3D lighting system with improved FPS in urban/township streets around the
  • airport
  • Orbx’s modified houses and trees which match North American houses and trees
    The FTX Central application, which is used to launch all of the Orbx tools and to switch between different Orbx regions

The download is 506 MB in size and take about 1,37 GB of your flightsim installation. Installation is very smooth and easy using the Flightsimstore wrapper. Validation of the installation is by entering the order date, order number and registration key. Both were provided via e-mail and can also be found in your order history of your Flightsimstore account.

Don’t forget to activate the region before starting your sim. When opening FTX central you’ll get access to the control panel where you can further tweak the options if desired and add a shortcut to the desktop if you like, you can also open the manual here.

The manual covers every important topic and includes recommended settings , airport charts and everything you can wish for. A perfect job which we are already quite used to by Orbx.

First Impression

Prepar3D 2016-02-28 14-08-54-14

I started my first flight with my all time favorite GA aircraft, the A2A C182 parked outside. Immediately I was overwhelmed by the amazing detailed textures on the ground. As you can see the ground pavement features some nice details like cracks and dirt which makes it look very realistic. Strangely In the sim I was only able to choose from 4 parking spots although the airport  is equiped with more parking spots but I guess the other parkings spots are reserved for the static aircraft. The static aircraft looked familiar I saw the exact same aircraft at Friday Harbor, I remember seeing the Cessna with the Stars and Stripes paint, but that doesn’t bother me.

Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-24-28-97

Time to have a look around you can see the various facilities and buildings, Turbelent Designs did an excellent job on the modeling of the hangars and barns and such. The buildings look dirty , aged and feature rust marks the building textures are amazing as well. And have you noticed the incredible textures on that old fuel truck ?? But there is more than that , this is where most developers would stop and this is where Turbulent Designs just starts, between the building or aside of them you find many little details like stacked palets and tires and garbags bags just to name a few. Add to this the animated people that sit on benches, cleaning , maintaining their aircaft or just watching you pass by.

Prepar3D 2016-02-28 14-07-05-00 Prepar3D 2016-02-28 14-07-19-73 Prepar3D 2016-02-10 18-38-49-63

Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-29-54-80 Prepar3D 2016-02-28 14-07-45-87 Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-29-49-62

Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-24-40-19 Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-29-15-33 Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-30-27-59

Surrounding area

scenery coverage

As you can see on the map the covered area around the airpot is quite big, but more importantly looks stunning. The integration with FTX NA Northern California creates some amazing backdrops and views. The whole region around the airport is located in quite a mountainous region which makes some approaches quite challenging as I said earlier morning fog is not rare here.

Prepar3D 2016-02-28 15-27-37-69
Early morning approach

With all this nature around this airport you will be more than happy to have FTX Trees installed, if you still dont have it I can highly recommend it , it changes the trees globally not only in this region. One thing that will most definitely take your breath aways is when you just departed the airport and you see all those beautiful acres and fields around the airport. Besides the beautiful nature you can also find the nearby town which is beautifully modeled with custom handplaced buildings, vegetation and autogen. When approaching  runway 32 you’ll pass right above a sawmill which is very nicely modeled, this and many more  points of interests are fitted in the airport region,  for you to discover  them all.

Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-41-14-24 Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-41-27-36 Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-43-04-29

Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-43-10-01

Prepar3D 2016-02-21 19-43-19-06 Prepar3D 2016-02-21 20-25-57-28

Prepar3D 2016-02-21 20-25-02-16
The beautiful sawmill you pass just before landing


Well if you have FTX NA Northern California installed you got over 360 upgraded airports to fly to. If you prefer high quality airports here’s a list of  ORBX airports that are situated in this region. We covered a few airports on our site feel free to give those a read as well.

  • KBLU Blue Canyon -Nyack
  • KEKA Murray Field
  • KFOT Rhonerville , check out our review here  98/100 reviewscore !!
  • KMRY Montery
  • KRDD Redding
  • KSQL San Carlos, check out our review here 84/100 reviewscore !!
  • KSTS Sonoma County, check out our review here 100/100 reviewscore !!
  • KTVL Lake Tahoe


No worries there , as usual . Although you can disable some options in FTX central I never had the need to do so. I was always able to achieve solid 60 FPS and that’s with payware like A2A, Carenado & Alabeo aircraft. I still had about 1.2 GB free on VAS when flying these payware aircraft so no problems there.  I used Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D V3.1 for my review.

My specs:

Intel I7 6700K “SKYLAKE” overclocked to 5 Ghz
Asus Z170 Pro Gamer
16 GB DDR4 memory
2x GTX 980 in SLI
windows 10 pro x64


Taking a peek at the scoring would defenitely answer your question “whether you should buy it or not”. The Airport is simply amazing in almost every way If you have FTX NA Northern California installed you simply cant miss out on this nice little airport. The only virtual pilots who wont buy this are the ones that only fly  “the big tubes” as they call them. I did quite many flights from and to the Bay area and I enjoyed every single flight.  Once again Turbulent Designs has shown us how it’s done and for the little price you pay you really cant go wrong. Safe flights captain !.

Orbx Cloverdale Municipal

Orbx Cloverdale Municipal





      Aerial view












                  Value for money



                    • excellent in every way


                    • FTX NA North California is required

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