Orbx Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport KBHB

Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport consists of a regional airport and surroundings with very detailed scenery for mostly VFR flights in beautiful Photoreal scenery covering some 500sq km!


The airport and it’s location

The airport (ICAO KBHB) is located on the East coast of the United States in Maine, situated right at the National Park of Acadia and in the Vicinity of Mt. Desert Island. The nearest larger city is Bangor, some 25 km away from the airport and closest town is Ellsworth. Nova Scotia is less than 150 km out to the sea.

There are two runways in use, both asphalt. Runway 4/22 is the main runway, some 5200 ft long x 100 ft wide / 1585 m long x 30 m wide. Runway is lit and VASI lights are located at runway 22 as is ILS/DME for the same runway.

The second runway is 17/35, 3250 ft long x 75 ft wide / 990 m long x 23 m wide. Runway has no lights and is not allowed for aircrafts with more than 10 passengers.

Elevation is 70 ft.

Mostly served by busines jets and extremely busy during summertime when tourists fly in and out of the area.



Installation is through ORBX wrapper. Easy toinstall, registration details are required entering before install begins. Either onlide validation or Manual entering can be used.
The packed filesize is around 900 Mb and unwrapped and installed it takes up 1.2 Gb of harddisk space.

The Manual is very well made, includes all the needed details for flying around the area and has  also good instructions of what settings are recommended in the sim.


In the sim

Simply wow, as Orbx products aim for authenticity on all levels, colours, textures, details, the small things and so on, they seem to have done it again!

The colours of the textures and all objects are very real looking. The details are very well in balance, where they need to be accurate they are, where they are not needed to be spot on they aren’t, all in the sense of not making the scenery too fps heavy.

Thanks to this, the look and feel of the whole is extremely breathtaking, all the small roads, houses, lighthouses, boats, powerlines, even grass and signs are very well made.

8 134

What really hits you when flying around are all the coastlines, golfcourses, and other landmarks that are remarkably well made, but only from a certain distance that is. Due to photoscenery some details look strange when flying ”too” low, they look flat and out of place. That said, totally VFR at low altitude does not give this scenery the best result, allthough one has to remember it looks hugely vivid immediatly when the altitude is more than 300 ft or so.

The mesh and ground level variation in altitude all around the area is immense, the accuracy is amazing, aswell as great nightlighting!



The ups and downs.

The absolute top notch about the area is not the details, but the area as a whole. It really looks and feels like you are in the Harbor area and the textures fall right into place all over the scenery without a glitch.

162 129 127 53 142

There does not seem to be any visible fps drop at any point, actually it doesn’t seem to affect fps much at all, or just as much as well balanced Orbx products usually do. So basically this scenery is very flyable and especially the nightlighting looks very, very good.

61 71 70 19 11

The small details at the airport are very nice, the two guys arguing at the apron in front of arrivals is hilarous. They seem to have discussion about parking, which gives a nice add to the experience. The apron is extremely nice looking, the aircrafts and buildings included.

85 90 91 95 86

However, there are sadly some details and textures that aren’t really that good and look almost bad, atleast from up close, like parked cars.

There was some small glitches in the scenery at places, very minute things (parked aircrafts windshield missing etc.) but they were not that visible and far from a thing that should be considered as  a problem. They might be fixed in upcoming patches if they really appear as a problem.

The really UP- and DOWNside is actually the 2d photoscenery. As it surely looks awesome, it can also look bad from wrong angle, some don’t see this as a problem, some think it’s the worst. Static aircrafts etc. are nice, but there could be some movement around and on the airport or the whole area for that matter, feels a little bit empty.

24 41

The Final evaluation

All and all Orbx has done it again, looks amazing, feels amazing, is perfectly in balance with fps/VAS and detail settings. Extremely nice have to have a scenery of beautiful East Coast, since there isn’t any airport yet for that area made by Orbx.

Quite fps friendly, huge area covered by quality scenery and amazing looking coastlines and a very large area to explore, either in busines jet, GA, Heli or even microlight or similar.

GSX was not tested at this time.



Tested with
i7 4770
GTX 970
SSD Harddrive
Windows 10
Prepared v.3.3.5
FTX Global, Europe, Vector, LC

173 169 163 162 161 160 155 152 149 148 142 134 130 129 127 116 95 94 91 90 88 87 86 85 83 81 79 77 73 71 70 61 53 52 50 49 45 44 41 40 36 35 34 33 32 28 27 25 24 23 21 20 19 17 12 11 10 9 8 7 178 177 176

Orbx Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport

Orbx Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport





      Aerial View












                  Value for money



                    • Light on fps
                    • Nightlighting
                    • Surrounding
                    • Small details


                    • Photoscenery only looks good from higher altitudes
                    • Repetitive base textures

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