ORBX Telluride Regional Airport

Telluride Regional Airport (IATA: TEX, ICAO: KTEX) is the highest commercial airport in North America with scheduled passenger flights untill 2014. The airport is on a plateau at an altitude of 9,078 feet (2767 m) above sea level. The airport has one runway (9/27) with a length of 6,911 ft (2.106 m) and a with of 100 ft (30 m).

The airport is surrounded by high mountainous terrain up to 14,000 ft and to make things more challenging there is a 1,000 ft drop at the end of the runway.

Telluride is a challenging airport to fly to and from with a piston engine. MAnage your micture wrong and you’ll lose engine power due to the thin air.

ORBX made this airport available in the simulator and added ‘some’ terrain around it. In total this addon gives you 1.250 km2 of detailed scenery.



As always the installation goes smooth. The download size is 3.4 Gb and installed it wil take up 3.2 Gb. I don’t know where that 0.2 Gb went…

The installation adds a control panel to FTX Central where you can match the settings of the airport to your computer specs. A manual will be added to the ORBX user documents folder.

Control panel


The manual contains information about how to use the control panel, how to set up your sim and gives you information about the airport. An airport diagram and some charts for the runway 9 approach are in the manual. In fact it has an arrivals and departure guide which will take you step by step through the chalklenging navigation into Telluride.  The charts and the tutorial makes this a very complete manual and an example for other developers.

Telluride Regional Airport

The airport is modeled in a way we are used to with ORBX. Lots of static aircraft and lots of moving people. All these details will help you immerse in the scenery and makes your flightsimming experience as real as it gets. The apron is a joy to move around. A man with a photo camera, a guy sweeping the floor and someone repairing a plane, every part of the airport has something to look at. The buildings are very well modeled and the textures look awesome.

On the side of the tarmac you’ll see green grass and yellow flowers during summer and during winter the grass turns white and the flowers are gone.

The night lighting of the building is also looking good. The runway is lit at night so you can fly in day and night.

The surroundings

As mentioned before this addon doesn’t only give an airport, it gives you 1250 km2 to explore around the airport. A detailed village, cable cars and ski slopes on the mountians and beautifull shaped mountains around the airport. The scenery is just stunning and blends in pertfectly with ORBX Global base and Vector. The control panel gices you the option to set the brightness of the terrain surrounding the airport so it blends in the way you like it the most.

The terrain changes between the seasons and gives you some beautifull views when you are flying to or from the airport.

The surroundings are great to wander around for several hours.

Getting a picture of the whole Telluride area needs a climb and a long distance away from the airport.

What and where to fly

If you just like to enjoy the surroundings, this airport is perfect for any GA aircraft. Small trips to Aspen or other airports in the area are great for those who like to fly high and cross some mountains. Make sure you have an aircraft with a high service ceiling to get over these mountains. Something bigger like a business yet or a turbo prop will get you in and out of Telluride as well. Don’t go there with a large airliner.



Using ORBX Global Base and Vector I didn’t have any problem with compatibility. The scnery blends in almost seamless.

The border between Telluride and ORBX Global Base and Vector.



Compared to a scenery like Aerosoft Aspen this scenery has almost no impact on framerates. Only in the direct vincinity of the airport you notice a slight drop in fps, but in the rest of the area there is no fps drop at all.



Again ORBX gives us a stunning area to fly around within close range of a detailed airport. The airport feels like it’s alive and that is what ORBX does best compared to other developers.

Despite the highly detailed airport and surroundings the performance stays up. With a price of € 27,- it’s not a cheap addon, but all in all it is worth the money if you like to fly high.

The amount of detail is best depicted by the picture of the pillons below. You see 4 different textured pillons. How easy would it have been to make just one and place the same thing all over the airport?!



Test System:

Processor (CPU): Intel Core i7 CPU 3770k @ 3.4 GHz

Memory (RAM): 16 GB

Graphics: MSI GeForce GTX 960 2Gb

System type: 64-bit operating system

Operating system: Windows 10 Professional

Primary monitor resolution: 1920×1080

Prepar3D v3


ORBX Telluride Regional Airport

ORBX Telluride Regional Airport





      Aerial View












                  Value for money



                    • Great manual
                    • Airport feels alive


                    • uhmmm

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