Orbx Tapini

Pilots, you got many types of them, GA pilots , Private pilots, Commercial pilots, Fighter pilots although fighter pilots sound very cool & heroic they are not my personal heroes in the sky. And no neither is Superman ūüôā , no i’m talking about Bush pilots. Something that Bush pilots don’t have in common with any other type of pilot is the fact they can land or take off a plane everywhere no matter what the runway is made of. In particular the ones that fly in very rough areas like Papua New Guinea, where not only the runway (euhm these are no longer officially called runways but rather strips) ¬†can be very treacherous. Also the weather can be very challenging and on top of that the immense and sudden wingshear. If this all sounds as exciting for you as for me, then Orbx has released a real treat for you with this add on.¬†

Brought to you by Tim Harris & Ken Hall, sound familiar those names? Well it should these guys already brought to us ORBX NSTU Pago Pago & AYPY Jacksons International in the past. Both products were received very positive by reviews and customers. If you like you can read my review Of Orbx Pago Pago here. With their Tapini scenery Orbx tries to simulate the hectic life of bush pilots in the New Guinea region. Orbx Tapini Includes 7 airstrips if you can find them ūüôā ¬†locations vary from hillside to riverside ¬†sloped strips , you gonna need some balls of steel and lots of skills to land your aircraft there.

Prepar3D 2016-03-06 13-45-27-41

Where to buy

As usual Orbx add ons can only be bought from The FlighsimStore, The scenery sells for USD 30.09 or EUR 27.00 for our european friends. The scenery is compatible with FSX boxed, FSX steam & all current versions of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d. Importantly before you buy it’s highly recommended that you got FTX Global Base installed, but then again which sim enthusiast hasn’t got FTX Global Base ¬†? ¬†If you dont have it installed you can still use it but you will miss out on the¬†Color blending of the airport photoreal into the surrounding terrain. I will be testing the Prepar3D version for you.


The download is 244 MB in size and take about 303 MB of your flightsim installation. Installation is very smooth and easy using the Flightsimstore wrapper. Validation of the installation is by entering the order date, order number and registration key. Both were provided via e-mail and can also be found in your order history of your Flightsimstore account. The scenery is not equiped with a configurator and doesn’t really need one as you will read later on.


The Manual is well equiped like usual with Orbx sceneries, it features everything needed and even more. The manual featues back ground information of the different airports, recommend sim settings and much more.

Scenery coverage



  • 7 x bushstrips in one package
  • TAP Tapini airport
  • WTP Woitape airport
  • ONB Ononge airport
  • FNE Fane airport
  • KSP Kosipe airport
  • ASB Asimba airport
  • KGH Yongai airport
  • Sloping photoreal bushstrips and surrounds
  • Custom vegetation, grasses, huts, sheds, dwellings, aircraft, people, cows, flags, birds, chickens, butterflies and lawnmowers
  • Hand placed landclass, autogen vegetation and vector streams
  • By veteran bushstrip developers Ken Hall and Tim Harris

Issues for people that don’t read manuals

 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-31-38-53

If there’s one kind of people that really annoy me , are the ones that ask questions or contact support without reading the manual first. Anyway if you’re one of those people and your scenery looks like this when first booting up, it means you need to download the freeware Holghermesh terrain mesh which can be found here, and yes freeware means it’s free. Now with that out of our way we can finally proceed with the review.

First Impression

Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-52-52-82

I started at the main airport Tapini ¬†as the scenery is called and immediately i was swept away by the magnificent view. The airport is located in a valley and has a ¬†sloped ¬†runway that ends in a cliff. The airport has an elevation of 3100 feet or 945 m. After take off you’ll have make a sharp 90¬į turn before hit you the opposite mountain. The fequently cloudy weather and treacherous winds don’t make this airport any easier. On the positive side , believe it or not, this airport actually is equiped with ILS.

Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-50-05-09 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-50-16-85 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-50-25-74

Prepar3D 2016-03-03 22-19-28-78 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-50-31-47  Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-51-50-87

Prepar3D 2016-07-10 14-04-51-47

the other airstrips


Dont be fooled by this airport , although at first glance this might look easy as it’s placed on a flat surface it’s still has an elevation of 5200 feet or 1585 m. Situated pretty close a river it can be tricky keep a good eye on your aircarft’s cargo & fuel mix as mistakes haven been happened on my side. A video of my landing can be found below.

Prepar3D 2016-03-08 23-49-55-65

Prepar3D 2016-03-10 20-57-52-53 Prepar3D 2016-03-10 20-56-50-19 Prepar3D 2016-03-10 20-58-04-06


In my opinion by far the most difficult airport to land at , with only 1 way out & 1 way in. The airport is located on top of a mountain ridge has an elevation of 4500 feet or 1372 m. The airport has a 12¬į sloped runway and ends with a deep cliff. If all of that wont put you off, wind shear and sudden updrafts are very common here. Just have a look at my video down below.

Prepar3D 2016-03-03 21-55-42-46 Prepar3D 2016-03-03 22-05-25-83 Prepar3D 2016-03-03 22-36-51-34

Prepar3D 2016-03-03 22-37-00-31 Prepar3D 2016-03-06 13-57-40-54 Prepar3D 2016-03-06 14-03-52-62


Another one way bushstrip that should not be underestimated It’s one of the airports with the high¬†elevation of 5800 feet or 1768 m. the runway is very bumpy and the strip features a dogleg forcing you to make a 10 degree turn halfway. ¬†The airport features lots of vegetation ,The approach above the village is very low

Prepar3D 2016-03-02 21-06-59-75 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 21-07-09-04 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 21-07-31-25


Just as many airports this one service as a service station as well. Situated in an open valley next a river kinda like Woitape. The airport has an incredible elevation of 6350 feet or 1935m makes this the highest airport in this this region. Further more ¬†a large section of this airstrip has fallen in disrepair. Making this airstrip alot shorter than originally was which makes take off’s and landings ever so difficult. Keep an eye on your airspeed keep it as low as possible when landing and watch the cargo load & fuel mix with take off’s.

Prepar3D 2016-03-08 23-52-27-30

Prepar3D 2016-03-08 23-52-12-80 Prepar3D 2016-03-08 23-51-34-46 Prepar3D 2016-03-08 23-51-25-57


On 1170 feet we found the Asimba airport the airport features an 1654ft (or 504m) long runway that ends in a dense forrest. The airport is situated next to the Chirma river, all take off’s and landing are all over the river making this a one way in and one way out airport as well. Keep a close eye on your wings when peforming short tuns here.

Prepar3D 2016-07-25 11-46-24-82 Prepar3D 2016-07-25 11-46-49-42 Prepar3D 2016-07-25 11-46-55-35

Prepar3D 2016-07-25 11-47-34-43 Prepar3D 2016-07-25 11-48-25-29 Prepar3D 2016-07-25 11-48-37-57


Another airport also located on a mountain ridge with a short runway full of bumps and sloped. The highest airport in the list with a tremendous elevtion of 6500 feet or 1981m . A bit similar like Fane but alot higher  never the less approach the airport with much care and dont let the wind shear of the surrounding mountains fool you.

Prepar3D 2016-03-06 21-37-49-32 Prepar3D 2016-03-06 21-38-13-22 Prepar3D 2016-03-06 21-43-42-16


Some shots on how indepth the details are in the different airstrips. From armed civilians to flowers to many different animals to flags around the buildings and many many more. This is the first Orbx scenery where i saw so much varity in the animals, from birds, to cows & chickens & butterflies it all feels so outstandingly well done!

Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-50-16-85 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 20-50-31-47 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 21-05-01-22

Prepar3D 2016-03-02 21-05-07-40 Prepar3D 2016-03-02 21-11-29-86 Prepar3D 2016-03-06 14-02-46-05

Prepar3D 2016-03-10 20-56-50-19 Prepar3D 2016-03-10 20-57-52-53

Surrounding area

The airports look amazing with lots of details but you wont be bored when flying within the airports. The scenery is just stunning and I highly recommend buying Orbx FTX Trees as well.

Prepar3D 2016-03-02 21-07-09-04

Prepar3D 2016-03-02 21-13-15-21 Prepar3D 2016-03-03 21-21-41-25

Prepar3D 2016-03-03 22-19-08-80 Prepar3D 2016-03-03 22-47-07-91

Prepar3D 2016-07-10 14-13-01-87

Some of my landings ( read controlled crashes )

what can you fly?

If you take this scenery as realistic as you can as i do then you cannot take your first Cessna you got in your virtual hangar. Keep in mind these sloped runways can be gruesome to your landinggear. I would recommend an aicraft that is specially equiped for such harsh terrain. I made a small list of aircraft than can be used, there might be more but these are the ones that pop in my mind at first. I mostly used the Carenado C185 F skywagon Bush, with those huge wheels it’s no problem landing at any of the strips. I’m looking forward flying the upcoming¬†Aerosoft¬†PC-6 B2-H4 ‘Turbo Porter as it’s perfect for this kind of region, but unfortunately it’s still in beta at the moment.


As expected the whole scenery has little to no affect on the framerate on my system. As you can see from the above videos that was even on my old graphics cards (SLI GTX680’s) cause I was in the middle of a transition between GTX 980’s & the new GTX 1080. What i’m trying to say is that the whole scenery runs great on even slower systems. I read no reports from other customers or collegues from low FPS so no need to worry about that. I have no issues of incompatible add ons to report as well.

My rig:

Intel I7 6700K ‚ÄúSKYLAKE‚ÄĚ overclocked to 5 Ghz
Asus Z170 Pro Gamer
16 GB DDR4 memory
Nvidia GTX 1080’s¬†in SLI
Windows 10 pro x64


If you’re happy sitting in your cockpit for a few hours watching the Autopilot do all the work for you, I obviously wouldn’t recommend buying this. For simmers that like some excitement every now & then love challenges i would highly recommend this one. This scenery is for me a Perfect Score I absolutely love it . The scenery is pumped with all kinds of details , i never seen so much details in an Orbx Scenery. The pricing is quite cheap keep in mind you get 7 airports to play with and lots and lots of fun and i really do mean lots . I do recommend getting Jacksons International aiport as well to complete your bush experience in Papua New Guinea, Good luck pilots you’re gonna need it!! Have you got this product already, do you agree with our score? let us know what you think of it .

Prepar3D 2016-07-16 20-06-03-75 Prepar3D 2016-07-16 20-06-49-61 Prepar3D 2016-07-16 20-07-40-52

Orbx Tapini

EUR 27.00
Orbx Tapini





      Aerial View












                  Value for money



                    • Details !!!
                    • nice integration with rest of the scenery


                    • i'll get back to you

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