Turbulent Designs L35 Big bear city airport

What do you mean you never heard about Turbulent Designs? They did a few projects for Orbx, but recently decided to go their own way. You might remember Orbx Cloverdale Municipal, Orbx Melbourne V3 and Friday Harbor ? Yup, Turbulent Designs was the developer for thse and more of Orbx products. We reviewed those 3 airports as well on our site, feel free to read them first than you will see why we like Turbulent Designs so much.

Some facts

Turbulent Designs comes with a brand new GA (General Aviation) aiport named Big Bear City that has  the FAA identifier as L35. The airport is has an elevation of 6725 feet or roughly 2KM Settled nice in the mountains of San Bernardino  located in Big Bear city, San Bernardino County in Southern California west of Los Angeles.

The aiport is equiped with only 1 runway that as an asphalt surface and has a length of 5850 feet or 1,78 Km. As the aiport is located in a mountain range it can be quite tricky for the pilots cause of the windshear, reduced power of the engine cause of the elavation and turbulence.

Purchase & installation

the airport scenery can be bought from several resellers as Simmarket, Just Flight and also from the developer himself. The airport costs 20,14 pounds or 23,64 euro or 25,25 USD for our American readers. Payement can be done with Credit cards or Paypal. Once purchased you will receive an e-mail with your download link & serial key. After downloading & extracting the zip the which takes about 4GB in size you’re ready to install. Installation is very easy you can choose between FSX or P3D in the installation menu. Too bad I couldn’t find a manual though.

According to Simmarket & Justflight it would also support FSX Steam edition. I will install this scenery for P3DV3. The airport takes about 5GB of your sim installation after install.

After installation you will find a new shortcut on your desktop named Turbulent Console, open the consol to change some airports settings and change the seasonal textures. One interesting feature that got my attenton was Real Flora grass , I heard about this Real flora technology before and i’m looking forward seeing it in action.

Airport features

  • An incredibly detailed, high definition rendition of L35 Big Bear City Airport
  • High definition ground poly and baked lighting
  • Baked ambient occlusion and other rendering techniques
  • 1,400 square kilometres of coverage
  • ‘Real Flora’ technology

In the sim

Time to finally start the sim and see what this GA airport has to offer, as usual i choose the Cessna C182 by A2A . The words that come to mind when I laid my eyes on this scenery were. STUNNING, JAW-DROPPING, INSANE . I think my screenshots say enough about the insane amount of details of the airport and surrounding scenery. The airport comes with static traffic and with traffic I don’t only mean different kinds of airplanes like an amphibious floatplane but also helicopters.

The airport and scenery covers about 1400 square Km by 60 and 30cm resolution this explains the rather big downloadsize. The textures have an amazing quality and the many different kinds of buildings all have weathering and additiontal dirt creating that more realistic feel. All the tiny details are there as well such as the notificiation and warning boards. And let’s not forget the grass which is by far the most beautiful grass I’ve ever seen on any other airport. You can see that some models are used in their other airports as well, that Chevron fuel truck for example I can remember seeing that truck in their Cloverdale Municipal airport as well, Does that bug me ? Hell no not all. If I should point out 1 point of critisism is maybe the fact that the airport feels deserted,despite the busy aprons there are no animated or static people around the airport. This is something I did see on their Cloverdale Municipal airport , ofcourse i know it was using orbx’s people flow at that moment. I hope they develop their own kind of people flow in the near future.


Night lighting

Surprisingly or not, the airport is fully equiped with taxi and runwaylights, just in case landing in this aiport at daytime wasn’t challenging enough for you .


I can fairly say the airport is very well optimized just like they did with any of their previous developed airports my fps was almost all time hitting the 3 digits. If you do get lower than expected framerate than I can highly recommend you to uncheck some options in the Turbulent Console.

+150 FPS with maxed out settings

My specs:

Intel I7 6700K “SKYLAKE” overclocked to 5 Ghz
Asus Z170 Pro Gamer
16 GB DDR4 memory
Nvidia Geforce 1080
windows 10 pro x64


I think Turbulent Designs hits the bulls eye once again, This is by far one of the prettiest GA airports ever had installed and it runs smooth as silk. The scenery bulks with details maybe not as many as Cloverdale Municipal but I’m sure Turbulent Designs will only improve on the level of immersion of their airports. A manual is missing or i missed it not sure eitherway i won’t let that bring the score down. All by all can highly recommend any GA pilot to buy this airport add on, it’s holds much value for money. 

Turbulent Designs L35 Big Bear city airport

Turbulent Designs L35 Big Bear city airport





      aerial view










                Value for money



                  • Details
                  • Performance
                  • real flora technology
                  • diversity in static aircraft


                  • missing people animated or static
                  • no manual

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