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Billund International Airport by Vidan Design

I’m back again with a new review. Just to recap my background, I have been working as an aircraft engineer and a helicopter pilot all over the world as well as a flight sim enthusiast for well over a decade.

So today we are reviewing the new release of EKBI or Billund international airport in Denmark for FSX and P3D.

As some of you may know, Billund is also the birth town of the Lego brick, but, unfortunately, the original Legoland park is not included in this version of the airport.

So, Billund is the second largest airport in Denmark handling roughly 3.000.000 passengers a year. It is situated in the lower half of the Jutland peninsula. The original airport was built in 1961 and the new passenger terminal is from 2002.Main traffic into the airport is provided by KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Jet time, Ryanair, SAS amongst others, and a good selection of SIDs catering routes from all corners of the world.

The airport has a single 3100M ( 10172ft ) Runway 09/27 with full ILS support on both sides.

Billund only recently changed the Freq on runway 09. This recent change is reflected in this version.


Purchase & Installation

I purchased my version on for €19.95 and comes as a 1.25Gb download. The purchase is straight forward and they accept Paypal which is always appreciated. It is also for sale on

Once the zip file has downloaded, just run the single application file which will take you through the installation process including adding it to your scenery library. As I am running P3D, I am unaware of any differences in the installation process between the two versions.

Once installed, it will take up 1.61Gb of the hard drive space. You will find both the manual and scenery configurator under the Vidan Design in your start menu.

Airport AI Traffic


  • Animated SODE jetways
  • Custom modeled airport vehicles
  • 60 cm/pixel aerial image covering approximately 50 km2
  • Detailed models of airport buildings with photo realistic textures
  • Animated airport vehicles and road traffic
  • Custom modeled vegetation, grass, trees
  • City of Billund scenery (Legoland not included)

The feature list isn’t as elaborate as many other airports, however the airport itself is fairly simple and doesn’t encourage the extravaganza other developers provide like modelling the interior.

I don’t mind this at all as it obviously has a positive effect on the performance, which we will cover later.

Lalandia Family aquapark


The apron lightning feels sufficient, however the taxiway lights are a bit onthe weak side. I know this has been brought up with the developer already.


While being of very high resolution and excellent quality, the performance factor has certainly been a big area of focus for Vidan Design.
On my system I hardly had any VAS influence ( 2-250mb at most ) and the FPS didn’t suffer either with a maximum drop of 2-4fps.
I made a flight in with both the PMDG 777 and the Majestic Q400 and flew around the area with the default R22, neither of which imposed any major performance issues.

My system is

I7 4790K 4Ghz
Asus Maximus VII Ranger
Asus Strix GTX970 DC2OC 4GB x 2 in SLI
16 GB Kingston HyperX Pedator Beast DDR3

Other Areas

The GA area incl the maint hangars

Cargo Apron


Vidan Design has done a very good job in terms of modelling Billund Airport, and has caught the essence of the local area as well.

As mentioned previously, the performance is very good and the config manager offers a wide array of optimization possibilities.

So with all these things in mind I think that it offers a very good value for money, and if you want to explore into the Scandinavian countries then this airport is simply a must. While there are other versions of EKBI on the market, this is by far the most comprehensive version there, covering a much greater area and in much higher detail. Furthermore other versions of EKBI has not been updated with the new ILS freq.



Vidan Design Billund X

Vidan Design Billund X





      aerial view












                  Value for money



                    • Good Performance
                    • Price
                    • Great details


                    • New HEMS facility missing
                    • The mirror and SODE parking guides doesn’t work
                    • Legoland missing
                    • Weak taxi lights

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