Aerosoft ASK 21 / ASK 21 Mi

While most freeware gliders solely rely on the VSI to notify the pilot about thermal updrafts or ridge lift, the ASK 21 features the sophisticated C4 gliding computer. A description of all its functions would bust the frame of this review, so would like to just point out two functions. First of all, it will not only display a total energy compensated lift, it will also give an aural assistance, so the pilot can fully concentrate on the outside looking for possible lift. A constant low tone denotes a loss of lift, while a high pitched broken sounds signalizes lift. The faster and higher, the higher the lift.
This function can be switched to the Speed to Fly mode. In this mode the C4 will tell the pilot to either speed up to gain the best possible gliding speed or to reduce speed, i.e. pull the nose up to extend the loitering time in an updraft. Especially the command to put the nose down to accelerate when there is no lift available was very odd for me at first – to loose altitude in order to gain it. But trust me, it really works fine.

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